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johnnie anon
this is such blx
Comment from : johnnie anon

Nathan Dust
Talk Louder!
Comment from : Nathan Dust

Gustavo Carrara
This video can be summarized like this: 3betting is usually profitable. Yeah, it's a useful video, but it's really not breaking news. Calling is not bad on that spot imho: you can float him if the flop is good and that would be more +ev than stealing his mini raise and being happy. If you hit top pair, you can make money by extracting from his c bet, that's more money than him folding. If you hit a flush draw, you can play the hand aggressively in position, potentially getting two streets worth of value. These cards have imense equity played in position against a loose aggressive player whose effective stack size is 40bb. What about implied odds? I mean, I love 3 betting, I totally get how it works, but there is more than a way to skin a cat in poker and flat calling is not always gambling or just a weak move.
Comment from : Gustavo Carrara

da sa
RAISING QJ on botton after minraise? Yes its standard....but ITS NOT A MUST.
Comment from : da sa

Zeke Banister
I wish the mic was turned down just a bit more I could still actually hear the guy
Comment from : Zeke Banister

Brett Berry
How much is Alex per hour?
Comment from : Brett Berry

Ian Dooda
What do you mean by a “balanced game”?
Comment from : Ian Dooda

julian cardenas
Why give out this information?
Comment from : julian cardenas

Paul Pena
The reason I called was I was on the button. How can you take advantage of position if you raise from the button? If he comes over the top or shoves you might be better but your position gives you absolutely no advantage at that point.
Comment from : Paul Pena

mark b
The jackass moment came when I saw Jesse's comment.
Comment from : mark b

Alex Melka
Zzzzzzzzzzzzz so Bulls hit
Comment from : Alex Melka

Paul Roos
Oh my goodness gracious, all this math and new poker tech stuff, i gaurentee old school is coming back, big deal is some hoodie kid 9 bets me and i fold. Ill eventually catch him, again and again and again. Ya old school, u said urself humans love to call, well old scholl is aces kings and queens, let em call that, or better yet 3 bet my bullets
Comment from : Paul Roos

Paul Roos
So 3 betting ISNT gambling?
Comment from : Paul Roos

Paul Roos
I disagree, qj s. Flops pretty good, and if he jams then what? Its good to be aggro but dont be fooled, caution has its merrits,
Comment from : Paul Roos

Is this guy related to Beto he is a arm waving lunatic
Comment from : JOHN EDWARDS

online poker is a scam. Today i had kk while other had AA QQ AND JJ. Right after i had 2 times AA and lost. I see weird hands every day online. It is not just chance.

dagrin durrr
Pokerstars did this to them lol
Comment from : dagrin durrr

radman mancru
Poker is about people. If you can get to know your opponents, it doesn't matter what 2 cards you have in your hand.
Comment from : radman mancru

the biggest idiots in poker are the ones that would give these guys money for lessons, want to "school" on poker?? buy any of the good books out there, then play and get experience, these lessons are complete horseshit
Comment from : DrunkenGuitarGuy

Cpt F30D33Z
What ever you say. Online poker is rigged.. 3 bet with any cards you want... Someone will call and win. 90% of the time.
Comment from : Cpt F30D33Z

Ronald Goodrich
Winning with no hands? This might be what I need.
Comment from : Ronald Goodrich

Starts interesting, gets boring, all leading to an ad.
Comment from : Ionatan

dan bozosan
You 3bet too little begin with.. Plus saying that your 3bets get called 90% of the time because you get raised 10% it’ s just ignorance.. Does nobody fold to your 3bets?
Comment from : dan bozosan

understanding 3-bet/4-bet ranges against various villain types is key
Comment from : JOHNRYAN C.

understanding 3-bet/4-bet ranges against various villain types is key
Comment from : JOHNRYAN C.

Vocal Fry....
Comment from : TheMomentEnds

Jesse Doak
The aha moment came at the end, where I realized I was watching an infomercial.
Comment from : Jesse Doak

Dr. Mark B. Hubble
I play 2/5 NL live and see people employing the 3-Bet in position play a lot.
So when I get 3-bet by them and miss, I donkbet 1/2 pot into them, watch them Hollywood and fold. When I hit the flop, I check, let them C-bet, and then come over top with a reraise, watch them Hollywood and fold.
Very profitable for me :)

Comment from : Dr. Mark B. Hubble

PokerNomad RealNielszzz
What you are saying might be true for online poker or even mid and high stakes live poker. But I doubt if it wil work on low stakes live poker, too many caling stations and gamblers.
Comment from : PokerNomad RealNielszzz

The Odinson
Thanks for the advice. I think the most important thing is getting a feel, ASAP, of each opponents’ range. Some are so tight that even a small raise indicates a big pair or AK. Against agro players, I agree with you, 3betting here is best. Against tighter players I prefer to just call, and when a lower flop comes, preferably with a straight or flush draw, betting it big.
Comment from : The Odinson

I would tear up the cards and throw them at the dealer. I actually saw this once. I do eat fish and vegetables and workout. I am almost 65 and I can do 100 push ups.
Comment from : wavygr

Blackjack Lover
Well said! 🤑
Comment from : Blackjack Lover

Jimmy B
What if you're sitting down at a 1-3 game with 300 bucks? Does this shit still apply? Because usually the guy calls with a big pocket pair and stacks your dumb ass
Comment from : Jimmy B

basket ball
1:47 jam all in
Comment from : basket ball

I suck at Gaming
I will still stick with Raise Your Edge.. But thank you

Edit: Feel like i came out as a dick.. I mean thank you the video was interesting, always good to see other point of view.

Comment from : I suck at Gaming

Why Most People SUCK at Boxing (According to a Pro Boxer)
Why Most People SUCK at Surfing (According to a Pro Surfer)
Why Most People SUCK at Baseball (According to a Pro Baseball Player)
Why Most People SUCK at Cooking (According to a Pro Chef)
Why Most People SUCK at World Travel (According to a Seasoned World Traveler)
Why Most People SUCK at ____________ (According to a Pro ________________)

Comment from : Gizziiusa

Another question: should we really bet 75% on A74r? This seems a crazy large bet on such an unconnected board, with either bluffs or our value hands. Seeing as this happens so often, wouldn't this reduce our overall average flop bet size, meaning 'betting any 2' surely becomes unprofitable
Comment from : privychanneldavy

Thanks for a very interesting video. I'm trying to incorporate more Exploitative techniques into my game, having attempted to approach the game from a 'balanced-range' perspective. However, as the instructor explained we can bet flop with any 2 cards, and how 'what is the guy thinking when he calls the 3-bet out of position', I thought about what I would think in Villain's shoes. He doesn't want to fold his equity, particularly if he knows that suited connectors can over-realise their raw equity. And he can plan to play aggressively on the flop (with a really aggressive check-raise strategy) on boards that favour his range, against an opponent whose c-bet frequency is way too high.
So is the strategy actually really player-dependent? Or is this an exploitative move (100% c-bet) that we can use against all but the best players?

Comment from : privychanneldavy

Brandon Partridge
Teaches good stuff, But I hate his voice and the way he talks! Always seems so condescending with an inflection of homo.
Comment from : Brandon Partridge

Gary Murphy
Evan I feel like I want to buy you a sandwich. You are looking skinny
Comment from : Gary Murphy

Dennis Meara
The three betting more often is compelling advice. What program is being used to display that database? Is that holdem manager?
Comment from : Dennis Meara

L Benjamin
Learn how to iron your clothes, look homeless
Comment from : L Benjamin

Solid vid man. I think i might invest in the offer Evan.
Comment from : CRAIG5835

Takeaway : The importance of 3 bet
Comment from : JIMBO

Freddy Fox 500
My Dad told me "Never gamble". I only play poker with friends for like 20$ and even then I get nervous in "big" hands.
Comment from : Freddy Fox 500

Andy Donegan
If it hurts you so much feeling bad 3/4 times when you 3 bet an utg raiser and lose, why not min raise him instead! If he doesn't re-raise, you'd feel better about your QT suited, not to mention after hitting a couple of clubs on the flop! maybe w 2nd pair 3rd kicker you could proceed to outbet top pairs on a draw!!
Comment from : Andy Donegan

Hal King
Fix the sound, and I might watch it to the end.
Comment from : Hal King

dave himlin
Your title shoulda been shorter " WHY DO PEOPLE SUCK" .
Comment from : dave himlin

Simon H
You could put a glass eye to sleep .
I really wanted to hear what you were saying but had to turn you off after 4 minutes .

Comment from : Simon H

Captain Ron
Lost me in the first minute. Sorry.
Comment from : Captain Ron

Steve Harding
I play mostly 9 player S&G's I find calling here is better,if you 3 bet they will call and you will miss the flop and you will c bet and they will call and you will lose.haha.
Comment from : Steve Harding

John O'brien
I’m the best poker player in the Europe world so buck off
Comment from : John O'brien

But how does it make you_____feel?
Comment from : Nordberg799

Vogel Account
Ridiculous. The best move in poker is to fold when players are loose and raise when players are tight. The major defect in this video is that it assumes players are following the principles of flopzilla...and humans don't do that. Play varies, and if you don't appreciate that, you'll end up poor very quickly. Poker is wonderful because it's a combination of luck, rules, odds, and humanity. Ignore any one of those four, and you're playing incorrectly.
Comment from : Vogel Account

Guns and Pussy
I play live poker. We dont rely on a computer program tracking data to make decisions.
Comment from : Guns and Pussy

William Stickroe
I stopped watching at the first hand example because it's flat bad to make a move just because you think someone is active. Unless you have 100,000+ against this opponent, you have no way of telling if he's just getting a run of cards. So let's say you 3-bet your hand and the guy does have QQ+ and 4 bets you. You now have to fold your position and your hand never gets to realize any equity. You have a hand that flops well and will gain more equity on the flop most of the time. Take a flop and evaluate your strength. I think this is one of the most underrated skills in poker. Also by 3 betting you are narrowing your range to hands you don't have.
Comment from : William Stickroe

ross massey
I read or watched a video, high stakes poker I think were they said Ted forest advocates a calling strategy rather than 3betting. I tend to agree with that sentiment. You are more deceptive with calling, keeping the pots small preflop and reading the players and situation post flop is better. You actually don't learn anything new by 3 or 4 betting all you do is inflate the pot. Not good vs players set mining and playing suited connectors
Comment from : ross massey

Canadian Made
Just curious who decides who is a "pro" on "team gripsed"??? Are there any qualifications that need to be met??? Or is this just a group of Evans friends that he has named as "team pros"??? Just curious, so don't badger me like I am being rude. It's just an honest question out of curiosity.
Comment from : Canadian Made

I love how the volume for the creepy dude intro was super high then the actual video was quiet as fuck and had the most annoying dude ever narrating. 10/10 will not watch another video.
Comment from : omalleymso

QJ suited on button. Want to see multi way cheaply?
Comment from : PissedOffProle

Kimberlee Ellison
poker is a game of luck 80% and 20% skill,,,,,,,,,,thats why you have the best guys not winning the big tournaments, other games of skill the top guys win steady tennis, golf, pool, wrestling, ufc, poker is a game of luck its all in the cards you get,,,,,,,,,,,
Comment from : Kimberlee Ellison

Kimberlee Ellison
poker real tough game ,its al in the cards you get dumb shit, give me aces every hand , and i will destroy the table,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Comment from : Kimberlee Ellison

Non sense lol wut a waste of time
Comment from : MrMeatWad

Tim Melton
The sound is very poor when the power point presentation is given ... I would love to see this fixed :) Otherwise nice video
Comment from : Tim Melton

Siddharth Sharma
My problem is- a general open in the home game I play is 8 BB... And 3-4 players call... What to do... Are these strategies still applicable?
Comment from : Siddharth Sharma

Rookie Trader
Calling suited Jack Queen connectors is stupid? Please elaborate
Comment from : Rookie Trader

This guy may very well have something important to impart about poker, gambling, and what I would refer to as "trading" but most of that is lost due to his snarky, sing-song type irritating presentation and manner of speaking. He really needs to engage a presentation coach to help him get his points across in desirable formats, manners, and tone of voice so that people don't just tune him out.
Comment from : Frank

Ive never played online. I Dont know if I would ever like it or do well. I like looking at people over time. Plus drunk people self destructing at an Indian casino is fun.
Comment from : mrsquishyboots

Mike Renlund
Anyone teaching poker and using online examples doesn’t have much credibility.I played in online tournaments were I’ve hit quads multiple times in less then 3 hours.Ive also seen back to back natural straight flushes more then once.If that happened live the odds of back to back STF are basically impossible too happen multiple times in a 6 month period.
Comment from : Mike Renlund

this nigga wearin blush
Comment from : YoreyC

Justin Powell
Very boring video
Comment from : Justin Powell

Sanjee Sathasivam
I respectfully disagree, raising is definitely fine, but calling on the BTN specifically has a similar EV to raising in this spot. You are 3-betting MP which has an overall strong range in general and MPs flatting range is already ahead of your 3bet range - KQs, KJs, AQ, 66-TT; if this player was a complete fish then thats a different story as we’d like to get in position and isolate. Not saying QJs is a bad 3-bet, but its given you are on the button, against and mp range, the EVs are very close. Especially in today’s game, many players habe a decent understanding of gto opening ranges;
Comment from : Sanjee Sathasivam

David Gillette
online poker isn't real odds its not even close
Comment from : David Gillette

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Thank for watching, Let's Get Stackin!

Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

Your video sucks. The table should be bigger than the peripherals, think about it, your layout is terrible. 😕
Comment from : AyrBlues

Frank Jomungle
You need to learn that everything you do at the poker table conveys information
Comment from : Frank Jomungle

Scott Schmelz
How do you factor in how nitty a player is? When taking this approach wouldn't it be smart to not do this to everyone? If you wanna 3 bet the old lady at the table who has raised twice the whole game be my guest but don't you think its smarter to try to make a hand and work for a double up to these people who only play big hands and take them to the river against a preflop nit?
Comment from : Scott Schmelz

Mayweather K7
Just fucking call. I dont like you new school 3 bet rangers. Rangers suck all y'all suck at poker with all your theories. Just listen to yourselves when you disect. If this if that most of the time but some times somehow just 10 percent in most situations oh because I have a blocker. Lmao.
Comment from : Mayweather K7

jason hounsell
This first hand really depends on a lot more factors. With 40BB effective -- let's say he's got 99 -- how often will he shove 4-bet? How often does he barrel off when he misses? How does he play post flop? How many calling mistakes does he make preflop?

If he's a station 3-betting here can go real bad, but if he barrels a lot it's more profitable to call.

As I said if he Jams any pair above 5's here then you might as well have 7,2 -- when you 3bet here do you want called or all folds? If you want all folds why would you take a hand with decent equity? Why not take AX that's got a blocker to many his call hands?

This is not hard and fast - it really depends on a lot of tendencies as if your opponent never calls worse - your not letting them make any mistakes. They jam a lot hands that beat you and you can't call, and fold their J,10's

Comment from : jason hounsell

I always win at poker. Have never had a loss. How? I don't play. Guaranteed strategy.
Comment from : CatsMeowPaw

ryan jones
I'm 15 minutes in and while his point of most player not 3 betting enough is extremely relevant and a valid point, there hasn't been a single comment about how often villian cold calls your 3 bet. How often should you be C-betting when missing the flop when in position? How often should you be C-betting when 3 betting preflop from the blinds? 3 betting preflop is obviously the correct play in the listed example...proceeding when checked to on a flop of Kd 2C 8H is what I'd like to hear him talk about.
Comment from : ryan jones

Poker is kind of like sex. Everyone thinks they're good at it but actually suck.
Comment from : untouchable360x

I’m going to tear up the 2-4 limit game now
Comment from : B S

Joshua Patrick
Does your software take in to account the amount of times the initial raiser flats and calls down with certain ranges or check raises ect or does it just assume they're check folding to all c bets if they called vs fold or raise? Honestly don't know but it seems very relevant to the data set.
Comment from : Joshua Patrick

Joshua Patrick
a 50$ online is the same as 150$ live? really? I figured it would be the same as a 500$ live, at least on the limited sites I can play on.
Comment from : Joshua Patrick

christopher garrison
I picked call on the first example but to be honest 3 betting the button or calling there in that spot are both ok imo. Just depends on number of bb dynamics there is no right way to play you have to mix up you play all the time poker is always evolving and changing the varibles of player actions and card rng its gambling no matter how you put it it is up to the roll of a dice no matter if you are 99.99% to win you can still lose
Comment from : christopher garrison

Nolan Wilson
Comment from : Nolan Wilson

Matt McLaren
Are people still paying $500 an hour to play poker in Montreal? 12$ to deal 1 hand of poker is ridiculous well unless you always lose your money than why car at least you get a free meal and a comfy chair for few hours and you don’t have to play anyone good because it really wouldn’t be pro to pay 500$ an hour to play poker.
Comment from : Matt McLaren

Matt McLaren
Didn’t realize there was a certain way to play QJ clubs wonder if it’s the same for diamonds people really like diamonds.
Comment from : Matt McLaren

Brian Joyce
I very diff way to consider the game
Comment from : Brian Joyce

Rob H
I want to pay this guy thousands of dollars to teach me how to be smart at gambling
Comment from : Rob H

Vic Majid
Not afraid, but 3 bet does not make sense. I am behind, in most cases. Nice to see if I catch a piece. If I catch a piece, I still may be behind. So you are telling me to get my money in while I am behind? This is a way to bet big, which can lead to wins but also big losses.
Comment from : Vic Majid

Mark Saraceno
A 3bet on the button against an active player.. how unique.
Comment from : Mark Saraceno

Märten Aardevälja
In a tourney i wouldn't even consider 3Betting QJs there. I have reccently gotten out of my comfort zone 3-betting more, but i have found easier to do it in cash games. In tournaments i know how to reshove when short and recognize when i'm probably getting it through. This situation H has 65bb so i can imagine taking an aggressive route, but when you're a middle stack (30-50, might vary depending on tourney) i can't imagine 3-betting say 7/40 of my stack unless i'm pretty sure i have the best hand or it gets through. Guess i need to watch more closely player's tendencies and make the calculations.

Obviously being a micro player my 3-bet gets called more often and by more players as well. So reasonable options will be to raise higher or call. When i've got 40 blinds i'm not thinking about raising higher, say 9 bb, so i just call.

Comment from : Märten Aardevälja

stuart meadowcroft
1 Calling is basically gambling you'll hit your hand
2 Three-betting is +ve EV in almost all cases
3 You don't need any cards to benefit from this so work it into your game

Comment from : stuart meadowcroft

Jonathan Lenkic
Think like a poker player, not a gambler. Great video
Comment from : Jonathan Lenkic

James Fondren
I also meant to ask you how Greg M. is doing. I haven't heard much from him in a while. I would like to think he is enjoying the "retired life", but I understand him on a personal level and know that life can get you. I think he is one of the best young poker minds of our time and I hope he is happy, wherever he may be.
Comment from : James Fondren

James Fondren
Alex, are you still working with Jonathan Little? And Evan, do you have any association with JL as well? I only ask based on Alex's past work.
Comment from : James Fondren

Love your videos Evan! Thanks for spreading your knowledge to ppl who are eager to learn about this awesome game!
Comment from : wolfybezurkydonk

Enis Desevic
6:03 into the video. I am poker pro btw ,I hope you open my eyes by the end of this video and I learn something,but QJs on the button ,against "farly active player" ( you did not tell us vhat his vpip% is and his pfr % are that can make all the diference in the world does he reise 30% of hands when its unopen pot ,or he calls a lot ,limps ,we are missing some crucial info) never the less ,I honestly dont care what anyone thinks about me ,and I dont need bump of dopamine (I have CBD for that :D ) but I just cant see ,been profitable anything exept calling here ,simply because we have no1 revers implyed odds hands in poker ,and again we miss info on his % of calling our 3 bet if he is not folding ,with reise (witch pressumably will isolate that guy) we are assencially playing for stacks.Here is why ,he is 40 BB deep ,we reise he calls ,what ever comes he will chech (play in flow) we bet ,and that leaves him with pot size stack.I am asking my self is it worth it to put my self in position to bluff off 20BB on the turn if board is 2 5 8 8?
In conclusion with informations that we have only play here is call ,in my mind.Now I hope to be proven wrong ,and learn something.

Comment from : Enis Desevic

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