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Comment from : PokerNerve

JustBogdan BogdanSiAtat
Could i be too tight but i think you put yourself out of options goin all in? I didnt get that much action in all my years of poker and in this clip i was heartstill so many times...
Comment from : JustBogdan BogdanSiAtat

Maciej Butrym
"crush his spirits early" love it man thanks
Comment from : Maciej Butrym

1.3B • Views
Blind on blind confrontations are brutal. The B.B. and SB wake up with hands and they don’t believe each other.
Comment from : 1.3B • Views

Do you ever use a HUD?
Comment from : Raine

1.3B • Views
This helps me so much! I was on super tilt today and lost so much because I was constantly dominated and called down to the river. Was also jammed and 3 bet on constantly. I just couldn't do anything right. Even when I had good cards I was destroyed by flops. And it was so hard because I knew my opponents were calling me with low cards and able to range me due to my opening bets. I couldn't slow play and on the bubble I was eliminated by the big stack because he was holding AA behind me
Comment from : 1.3B • Views

Very very good, thx!
Comment from : 5VVM03

I want to know what word you said in lieu of 'multiply' at 39:47! lol
Comment from : jpstjohn339

Correct Procurement
I am new at this skill sports named : poker !
Though, I want an answer to that :

”Mitch T1 year ago
that hand with 10,10 was pretty awful. HIs range includes 88,99 but also JJ, QQ + AK, maybe AQs. You put your life on the line with an M of around 35 late in a big tourney.. Thats just awful. who cares what sort of read you have on him, you still can't effectively narrow his range to only 2 hands.”

I was looking couple of times, and I did not find a clear explanation for why you jump it with TT over the Button ...
Please, clear my mind and explain this move of yours, (at 4:37) which was not enough explained like you did with your previous hand with your pocket JJ vs T7K(all h) ... same being OOP (out of position) ...

Thank you kindly and excuse my poor english and my nasty question.

Happy PURIM to all of you who are celebrating this Celebration time on 13 - 14 Adar !

Comment from : Correct Procurement

Light 3 bet
when we 3bet matmatmat lol.. very good video!
Comment from : Light 3 bet

Filip Johansson
How can you fold at 13.30??
Comment from : Filip Johansson

Rodrigo Cordoba
Man i have a few questions to make you, if you have a facebook page or something that you can answer me that will be great, sorry for my english i study but i have some gross errors, cheers from argentina.

Pd: Thanks for shearing this, and a lot of yours videos help me improve my game.
PdPd: I love tottemham, thats football, oleeeeeeee

Comment from : Rodrigo Cordoba

Wow 100,000 views! Thanks guys! Make sure you check this series out too - www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWzCftszyNQ
Comment from : PokerNerve

phil earle
Thanks poker nerve . real good view as to how a  skilled player assesses play in action. One question .. I never like to see all in, before the flop espically if you havea large stack late in a tournament. If I have QQ or KK, as you did on your final hand, I like to get the action to one player on the flop without all my chips in. If there is no Ace on the flop you proceed from there, and no A or K flop in the case of QQ. Even with no Ace flop in your situation you were aware of this good player may have AA.It's disappointing to put yourself out being so close to the good cash out (1,2 or3). Thanks again. phil
Comment from : phil earle

johnattan Lambert
at 16: 00 paid with 44 ? _Loose pay raise or fold but don't paid with a small pair in first. A flop 7-8-9 what are you doing to do ?
Comment from : johnattan Lambert

Christopher Hoggarth
Excellent stuff as per all of your uploads! Best content around. With the final KK v AA, in a hypothetical situation where you were second in chips with a big gap between you and shorter stacks, would you ever think about folding KK when facing the 3-bet from the chipleader because of the icm considerations? Or is this just too weak against his whole 3-betting range there? Thanks for any help!
Comment from : Christopher Hoggarth

Michael Frierson
There are always trash talkers, don't listen to them you did a great job with both the play and the explanations and quickly thinking the situations through. well done.

when you're playing for first place you have to take some aggressive risks and you did that with style.

Comment from : Michael Frierson

Nice video sir. With AQ hand on AA78 board, what are your thoughts on checking turn to give him a chance to bluff and get value from him floating with air or him thin value betting 55 66 etc? Is it too risky to give him a free card with the possible flush draws, or hitting pocket pairs (straight draws are almost never in his range imo)? I agree with you on jamming the turn not being optimal. Thank you for your thoughts
Comment from : chapster85

This is damn good online tourney training - well done. 

I personally like how fast you go through everything - quickly weighing so many different pieces of info....it's much more how you need to be thinking as you go deep in a tourney.

Really good stuff - glad I found your vids and gonna subscribe for sure...thanks

Comment from : Littlecake

Mitch T
that hand with 10,10 was pretty awful. HIs range includes 88,99 but also JJ, QQ + AK, maybe AQs. You put your life on the line with an M of around 35 late in a big tourney.. Thats just awful. who cares what sort of read you have on him, you still can't effectively narrow his range to only 2 hands.
Comment from : Mitch T

Ronald Russell
How do you get so many high pairs? Typical tournament, I'm lucky to get 1 pair bigger than 5s
Comment from : Ronald Russell

Sergio Benrós
so i cancel my sub in our chanel when i see you play well i sub.
Comment from : Sergio Benrós

Luka Križaj
Hello! I was wondering what 2nd pivot/3rd pivot means. You seem to mention these terms quite frequently and I don't know what it means. Great video though, have to say I learned a lot. 

Comment from : Luka Križaj

You're brilliant!
Though the A6s play worked well (35:04), that was the most riskiest play.  I would have folded after the 3 bet in that exact spot because of the same reason that you mentioned...you're showing aggression.  If Steve3331 was familiar with your game play he could have out played you if he had a hand.  In best scenario you were facing a coin flip.

Comment from : Cheeseguyguyguy

Joël L
Whats up acesup? I was wondering if you (still) play poker for a living and if you do so, what is it like? 
Comment from : Joël L

Malcolm Lillis
Am I right to assume that the higher the buy in the better the players are, by that I mean that less players would play rag aces, any suited hi/lo hi&lo flush chasing pre-flop.
It drives me mad when you have AA some idiot calls with a rag ace like A 3 off and hits trip 3's. or the other idiot who calls any bet with something like K 5 suited and hits a flush, obviously chip size matters and a big stack might call but good players should fold... confused.com

Comment from : Malcolm Lillis

Kimbo BZ
great video man... i lurn a lot about some diff decisions.... tyy so much... but tell me one thing is it possible to fold this kk and go and finish the tournament better becouse u are able to steel resteel and bluff efectivly.. i had some bad bad beats and a lot of running in AA (as we all had) and was wondering can u should u and is it right?? or thats the stoopidest think to do??? i dont speak about 20 30 bb .... but around 100... as we see the flop u loose even from qq... is there some deffensive line with those kk or realy bad idea,:)
Comment from : Kimbo BZ

Jordan-Jon Willett
Hey! How often do you study poker an how many books do you own?
Comment from : Jordan-Jon Willett

criss tofer
Comment from : criss tofer

kk Jhanwar
no one loves jacks lol
Comment from : kk Jhanwar

kash money
you reraise very light
Comment from : kash money

Great video. Watched the video yesterday and win 5k the same night with a first place finish. My best result so far. Keep up the good work thanks.
Comment from : 111kingston1

alex fox
are these real money?
Comment from : alex fox

Fred E
great video. thanks a lot. these are helping me cos i struggle a lot with the later stages of MTTs. which hands to play how wide my range should be. thanks!
Comment from : Fred E

Zug Zwang
"Insensitive to logical-type thought processes" -- That's pretty effin' funny.
"Counter with a headbutt" -- Nice turn of phrase.

Entertaining review and discussion, thank you.

Comment from : Zug Zwang

BongZilla Cough
Is staying positove a big part you seem chilled I get in raged when I loose
Comment from : BongZilla Cough

Son Kim
Watching you play and listening to your explanations is great. i sometimes get into situations being aggressiv but not sure how to continue facing "re-aggression" and i found 2-3 typical situations deep in a tournament in this video. thank you so much for giving me additional thoughts to improve my play. I will contact you in the near future anyways due to personal coaching. right now i have a pretty good run and make good decisions but i found some leaks which i would love to discuss with you cause you are one of a few people who i really understand. c u soon.
Comment from : Son Kim

Alba Da .Brave
29:55 "a bit sensitive 2 logical type thought processes" LMAO! very polite.
Comment from : Alba Da .Brave

Robert Paulson
advanced strategy -fold your ass off? lol
Comment from : Robert Paulson

yedo on bovada is a fish
Comment from : finalmesas

Hi Kelvin, thanks for uploading these vids, finding them really helpful, trying to get my game much stronger, especially around endgame, as I seem to be the best in the business at 12-18th place finishes! :-)
On the A5cc hand atarting around the 37:00 mark, what would you have done on various rivers? Mainly thinking a brick, another heart, or an ace? Any cards that you're going to give up on?
Thanks again for the vids mate, will certainly be investing in the course next time I manage to convert a deep run into a decent score :-)

Comment from : kapitalistikarhu

oooo the kings ending was rough super vid
Comment from : AH17293

Thanks, interesting. I've just won a seat in 500k MTT and can see i've got a long way to go if i am to have any chance of cashing. This has helped identify a number of weaknesses i have, particularly at the closing stages.
Comment from : gdess59

this is exactly what I was looking for thx, great discussion and interesting strategies.
Comment from : slaudet

Will do choc thanks for the feedback. Make sure you check out the pokernerve website - there is extra stuff on there. Also the Course I offer is perfect if you want to take things 'next level' ! Best of luck to you
Comment from : PokerNerve

This is some of the best dialogue explaining how one thinks and how you should approach these that I've found. I love watching your videos as I've been trying to get the hang of tourney's vs. cash games, which are probably more of a strength for me but I'm basically a sponge at this point anyways so I'll take any and all I can get....books or vids. Please keep em' coming....
Comment from : choc101

jimmy overton
Yh I had same problem, I found PokerStrategydotcom Equilab to be a good alternative :)
Comment from : jimmy overton

Thanks, I found it really useful to see what a good player is thinking about while they play. I noticed when you had AQ and there was AA7 on the flop that you didn`t seem concerned about the flush draw. When I am sure I am ahead but see two suited cards on the flop it often scares me into an all-in bet. You went all-in to try and look like you were bluffing, but if you had bet smaller and he had called and another diamond came up, what would you do? Am I too focused on the flush draw?
Comment from : TheInkinJapan

Andy Ball
Nice video. Think I need to go back and watch the other ones lol. Keep up the good work.
Comment from : Andy Ball

There's also Equilab and Holdem Viewer.
Comment from : yashnu

Oh right ! Using pokerstove for that one Mick. It's actually hard to find I think atm? I'm not sure I heard some people say it isn't free anymore or the website moved I'm not too sure but if you hunt it down it's a useful tool where you just plug in a player ranges and see the equities both pre/post flop
Comment from : PokerNerve

at 20:03 where do you get that? Nice videos btw! I cash alot in tournaments but struggle to build stacks like with your aggressive play
Comment from : Fatpiecee

Which part Mick?
Comment from : PokerNerve

What was it you used, to show the percentages when he had kings?
Comment from : Fatpiecee

Just another Viking
best poker video....
Comment from : Just another Viking

never mind, didnt saw the ending before i comment :(( sry.
Comment from : Ferna900617

"in a few hands later we get kings, and now i feel happy again :D:D" gotta love that quote.
Comment from : Ferna900617

Alecia Gibbens
Comment from : Alecia Gibbens

Bluelightning34 wow that's a huge effort those small buy-in fields are always so big. Congrats on the score! Glad the vids have helped. They aren't much compared to the course, but there's still some juicy stuff I'm glad it's all helping you improve your game. You'll love the course when you get it :) GL, get some more scores now and keep building up!
Comment from : PokerNerve

Thanks to your excellent videos, I started playing poker so fearlessly using your strategies - and I finished 4th in the Hot 3.3 Turbo on PS today for $722! I know this is peanuts to a champion player like you, but it means the world to me as it gives me the confidence to build on this and survive in the world of poker. Thanks a ton acesup - I will be buying your coaching package soon on pokernerve! Thank you!!!
Comment from : bluelightning34

Thanks Depoker you too. I don't play on FullTilt very often. Once I load up Stars, iPoker and 888 I'm out of screen space :) I don't mind the $55 multi-entry when I can though
Comment from : PokerNerve

M5 refers to the amount of chips you have in your stack in relation to the pot at the start of the hand. It plays a key roll in the best way to play a hand. You need to watch lesson 2.1 on stack size at PokerNerve - It's free just sign up. h t t p : / / pokernerve . com / join-now
Comment from : PokerNerve

Have you checked it out ? h t t p : / / pokernerve . com / its-time-to-learn-profesional-poker
Comment from : PokerNerve

Comment from : djkocisi

depoker god
Thanks for an excellent video. You ever play on full tilt poker? If so, what is your username? GL at the tables.
Comment from : depoker god

wikipedia m-ratio maybe it helps u out ;)
Comment from : 42JDD

It's now on the pokernerve website - use code 'launch' and it's only $290 for 50+ hours or high quality tutorials and demonstrations. It will take your game to a new level
Comment from : PokerNerve

If you can still play the same game and take it as seriously it's worth considering (some players find it hard to go down once they have played higher). If you can just focus on playing good poker and enjoy winning despite the stake stepping down for a while can help you to 'refind' your winning ways whilst easing the down swing. Sometimes no matter what you do you just can't seem to win. And it can last for prolonged periods... at least in MTT's anyway. Are you also playing SNG's?
Comment from : PokerNerve

Hey Lee how have you been going? Sorry had the flu was out of action for a bit. If you have a proven track record at that stake (several months of beating it) and the bankroll to sustain the variance - I would keep playing it and ride out the storm as long as you can maintain your 'A game'.. Some take time off. Others sometimes as you suggested do play smaller. In regards to playing smaller,
Comment from : PokerNerve

Notes. They help a lot
Comment from : PokerNerve

Ha! Yep I think it does help - I often find I play better poker just after doing a review. Helps me get more zoned in to each hand and weigh up all the considerations more clearly...
Comment from : PokerNerve

Hope you get the BIG WIN soon! If you play smaller buy ins too be sure to check out our MICROMILLIONS promotion on facebook
Comment from : PokerNerve

It's only wrong to call with it if I think the player is jamming <4.5% of hands which would mean id be getting slightly under 35% equity and a fold would be best. Given my opening frequency and the positions unless I had him marked as super super tight a call is +EV in that spot.
Comment from : PokerNerve

Vismantas Sauklys
Very nice video, I hope I've learned something from it and will eventually take one big win. Thank you gor uploading!!!
Comment from : Vismantas Sauklys

Where can one find/purchase this course?
Comment from : JasonV12

Really good analysis and break down of the thinking behind each hand. This video helped a lot. Thanks
Comment from : n1ckoftime

What's the M6 M10 he is talking about?
Comment from : xDyonx

Lee Brady
hey aces_up... thank you for this video, hopefully i have learnt from it.. ive been winning a couple of thousand online and i havent cashed out for 2 weeks now, hit some serious bad luck.. i'm gunna play for the most of tomorrow so taking what ive learnt from this vid, fingers crossed.. would you recommend playing lower stakes tournaments (as im having no luck atm)? or sticking with $26 tournaments? or raising the stakes? thanks again aces_up bradylee222
Comment from : Lee Brady

Your analysis is crystal clear, compareable to the likes of Haxton or Galfond! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Do you think you gain a deeper understanding of your own game by explaining it to strangers or are you just a good guy? (The latter certainly.)
Comment from : gnaagren

daniel fletcher
how do you remember what they have? do you take notes or...?
Comment from : daniel fletcher

The opponent in that spot will virtually never flat. He's a top online player so has a good understanding of stack size. So he will jam or fold.
Comment from : PokerNerve

but like what if u get called in that spot where u 3bet 72o..thats bullcrap i mean what are u going to do next becouse obviousli u got a a fair amount of chips in the pot would u cbet and than double baroll or would u just fold or would u decide depending on the board texture its tough being oop
Comment from : pzreazy

Takeo Kondo
congratulations for the video! very enlightening. keep it up.
Comment from : Takeo Kondo

WOW, this video just changed my view at poker... great video, great player, great commentary. Keep it up mate :)
Comment from : indy54931

WOW, this video just changed my view at poker... great video, great player, great commentary. Keep it up mate i love you :)
Comment from : indy54931

You're welcome. TY for the kind words glad you like it
Comment from : PokerNerve

very informative man. learned a lot from you in this hour
Comment from : BaadMotorFinger

Glenn T
Just came across this, and was really surprised as most on here are detrimental to a players game but this is very good some good thought process with clear and correct thinking behind the decision making nice job ! !
Comment from : Glenn T

Wojtus Podsada
excellent educational videos - many thanks for doing this for us :)
Comment from : Wojtus Podsada

Thanks for the positive feedback guys appreciate it
Comment from : PokerNerve

Jospeh Ruiz
another thing is I play on Lock and the usual mtt players i play against were made aware of your vids caz like someone else says, it is hard to find mtt startegy let alone some of the most clear and concise training, i seriously have never riden someones jock on the internet before, but im like in love with you, especially after i scoped you lol, first time ive ever considered paying for poker advice, god's honest truth
Comment from : Jospeh Ruiz

Jospeh Ruiz
hey ive turned from a "this guy thinks the same way as me" as expressed in earlier comments to "wow this guy needs to teach me"...lol...all in about 8 hours. One thing tho that is frustrating about watching your videos and it is literally the only thing, is YOU NEED TO TO POP UP TOURNEY LOBBY EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, as you obv know we can get a better understanding of thought process, how to ranger a player using additional factors like bubble etc., and it would be great to feel the excitement
Comment from : Jospeh Ruiz

good vid. very hard to find a decent video on actual mtt strategy and this is one of, if not the best i have managed to find. cheers!
Comment from : Demondoink

Sean W
with all due respect i think you played this far too loose, the KQo 4bet all in was not a profitable play unless you had a very good read and even then is questionable. Overall was played okay but some spots were certainly questionable
Comment from : Sean W

Ryan Hickey
you have a great thought process and attitude, your videos have helped me in many spots
Comment from : Ryan Hickey

Max Johnson
ty! i dont 4/5bet enough!
Comment from : Max Johnson

depoker god
I was always complaining about running bad, or not getting good cards to shove with when short stacked, but this video shows I don't need to run good or receive good cards. Its all about how you play, without showdowns. Good job sir. Wp.
Comment from : depoker god

Thanks for your kind words Gokhan best of luck at the tables !
Comment from : PokerNerve

Gokhan Kursunlu
What an impressive vid. Impressive thought process and UL finish. Will be following your posts. Thankyou.
Comment from : Gokhan Kursunlu

depoker god
Do you also play on FTP? If so what is your username? I would love to rail. Thx, and GL at the tables.
Comment from : depoker god

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