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Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
F*** GTO!!! - Exploitative FTW!!!
Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

Big Money
What if board was four flush and you have set with out flush suit
Comment from : Big Money

N e 2 cards are good, you dont know what you have until you see the flop.
Comment from : Edison

Poker strategy videos are like porn, nobody pays for it!
Comment from : Edison

Austin Boulch
Exploitative is more effective in cash games. Gto is better in tournys. Obviously ill bluff occasionally but its all circumstantial. If you just have patience, dont make stupid preflop raises or calls, mix gto with exploitative, you can be a pretty consistent poker player in tournaments.
Comment from : Austin Boulch

Morgan Thompson
Flop bet seems like a punt with AK vs a BB
Comment from : Morgan Thompson

Chim Richalds
I just couldn't get past the part where you said "bs because I dont know my opponents range" or something similar. I think the exact same, if I'm guessing his range and putting in guessed ranges, what if I'm guessing wrong? Wont that give me misinformation? I hate how confusing these charts are
Comment from : Chim Richalds

Good video but ultimately I think there are no decent arguments against GTO play.

Yes if you have reliable information that you can exploit or generally bad opponents (which are still common), then absolutely go for it and use a more effective strategy (in other words I conditionally agree with the theme of this video), but good luck trying to be +EV at 6max/hunl against those who've put a considerable amount of time into studying solvers (reasoning such as what's emphasized at 18:50 becomes a lot less useful in those circumstances even though it seems intuitive).

Against experienced players who try and emulate a pseudo-gto strategy, it probably isn't always possible to exploit them enough to be +EV after 5% rake, even if they were to literally give you their ranges and 20mins to try and crev the best response for a given spot, because a properly simplified GTO estimate (using a limited number of bet sizes and range splits) can still capture a large amount of the possible EV found by a solver.

Of course putting yourself in good games largely avoids these problems, but there is a reason that if you follow the money, you'll eventually see that it ends up in the hands of those who've been running sims.

Not here to argue though, best of luck.

Comment from : onezerotwofour

Matt Matt
In live low stakes, people are massively exploitative and frankly many people dont have clue of how to play. Gto is still useful but only against certain opponents who you can really estimate ranges correctly. I mean you are playing with people who play j2 suited and a4 off suit vs utg open. You just need to categorize people into category based on short observation and go from there. Knowing GTO is useful and never should underestimate it but in live exploitative style is the best. But never ever leave yourself out to gto principles.
Comment from : Matt Matt

Allen Albright
I was skeptical, but I am sold, of course I am only checking if it is some calling station that never folds. lol
Comment from : Allen Albright

dont worry about poker no more guys. he has a system. also fuck GTO right it only teaches you to play perfectly balanced and gives you a deep technical understanding of the game you want to excell at... like GTO experts dont know how to play exploitatively which is WAAAY more easier than playing a gto optimal strategy.
Comment from : J R

Patrick Stoia
This Video starts to suck at min 5:32. Why would you C Bet on this flop with AdKd? Any why half pot? Villians Range has tons of Sets, 2 Pairs, Straights etc. A half pot C Bet doesnt accomplish anything. Best line is check flop or maybe sometimes betting around 25% pot. Turn is an easy checkbehind or call and you reevaluate the river. Thats all.
Comment from : Patrick Stoia

Justin Hart
Guy preaches exploitative poker and spends all his time on solver charts
Comment from : Justin Hart

louis dorchin
That first graph,what was that his first week in poker?lol
Comment from : louis dorchin

merkste selbst
Power Equilab is imho way better than Flopzilla.
Comment from : merkste selbst

I would have shoved at the first sign of a loss but then I'm a maniac.
Comment from : Gentile

Fabio Fabri
If someone puts pressure like this on a a board that is clearly not favorable, it will get raised forever. This MAY work on some really bad line ups like a 50 dollar live tourney with a bunch of semi retards when it comes to poker.
Comment from : Fabio Fabri

Fabio Fabri
This is cringe, the comments cheering this crap makes me very confused. Any reasonably decent low stakes player will pound an idiot's ass that takes a irrational line like this.
Comment from : Fabio Fabri

Jae Esch
"What percentage of the time does one of 9 cards come on the river? If you said 18%, *you are wrong*" Do you think we're arguing semantics here? The point of that quick and dirty math of looking at the outs, is to quickly figure out where you're at in a hand. If you think you're 70/30 in a hand, but you're really 68.5/31.5 or something, does that really matter? Does that fundamentally change your game plan or approach? That is, if you were in the middle of hand, and you could go on to your phone and put in the odds, and then realized you were off by 1.5%, or say even 2-3% should you completely alter your game plan in such a situation? In a live cash game, it seems like a non-issue. The more important thing I would think is to yes, understand odds, but understanding the general odds is good enough, unless you think memorizing the exact statistics will actually improve your game play.

Exploitative poker is great, but I feel like that aspect is just being unnecessarily nitpicky if you're playing live poker in low to mid-stakes.

Comment from : Jae Esch

Poker Savage
Bro, don't ever start a video like that again. Please..
Comment from : Poker Savage

This video is from 2014 right?
Comment from : craig

This is good for seeing a process in front of your eyes. Now, try teaching concepts with a live deck in front of you and no computer.

Why? Because no one is going to their poker room, setting up their laptop and analyzing post flop for 10 minutes, then making their action. All while the other players stare at you.

Comment from : eac3742

Rudy M
Fuk bro i lost focus
Comment from : Rudy M

Ar Fa
Your personality is horrible man, stop everything and improve yourself into at least a mediocre human being!
Comment from : Ar Fa

Paul Roos
Wow ur more talkative than polk, didnt think possible
Comment from : Paul Roos

Paul Roos
414 combos in preflop range?? Hes either got a straight or not, u got ace high he goes all in, what u gonna do?
Comment from : Paul Roos

francois st-pierre
like when the guy is calling from the big blind on a scarry flop usually he has nothing.
Comment from : francois st-pierre

I'll bet 3x pot that he's a shill for Flopzilla...ez
Comment from : NoCages

ollie toombs
Can I not just check raise you to death if I figure out you're doing this?
Comment from : ollie toombs

Mike Pengangster
I been watching some of your videos I like how you think but I don't agree with this one I feel like over bet here will cost you more in the long run.
Comment from : Mike Pengangster

Darren Semotiuk
As a longtime fan of Alex Fitzgerald, seeing this video I gotta say: "SMASH THAT LIKE BUDDON!"
Comment from : Darren Semotiuk

Guitar Lessons for mortals Sanders
Multiplying outs by two seems easy and close enough. Why does 1.5% matter?
Comment from : Guitar Lessons for mortals Sanders

Joe Henderson
too much faith in range finding n too many other variables come into play in a hand of poker. it's a nice tool but more or less possible combos of possible ranges of possible hands doesnt di anything but add more shit to my already whacked out poker tweaker mind
Comment from : Joe Henderson

Keith Jackson
Very interesting stuff. So with the nfd where you bet 110% pot on the turn, whats your plan on a non diamond river? Are you betting river again to get him off of 1 pair or just checking back?
Comment from : Keith Jackson

Lado T
Love it. Alex is the best!
Comment from : Lado T

Erik Blazynski
Flopzilla for Mac?
Comment from : Erik Blazynski

cbet AK on this flop is losing play for sure, unless you cbet 1/3 pot 100%
Comment from : mindaza0

It's insane what you can make people fold with maximum pressure. I've done it too many times, even when messing around in play money. It's even better when up against a "good" player who will make standard folds.
Comment from : OMNISATAN

I'm betting pot on the turn no matter what because bluffing correctly is the essential part of a true winner in poker. If you don't bet turn, your cards are more face up. Also, if you win on a river bet, the pot is bigger, if you win on a bluffbet or if you make your nutflush. Either way you are dictating the action, which is always best in poker, whether it's cashgames or tournaments.
Comment from : OMNISATAN

I just read your soul.
Comment from : soulreed

Please ask Alex why he pronounces button "buddon". Drove me crazy listening to his book lol.
Comment from : ilovebrandnewcarpets

I bought and listened to Alex's book on Audible a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love the concepts. I've only had a few spots to use his tactics in my $2/$5 game, but they really do work. What's most surprising to me (and it's reinforced by a lot of the comments here) is that players are too proud or ignorant to accept what he's saying. They would rather keep losing money, and bemoan their "bad luck" when they lose, again. It's mind bottling.
Comment from : ilovebrandnewcarpets

derek reed
I do work at Nasa thank you very much
Comment from : derek reed

Omg thank God I found someone who thinks like me. Now I know why to use flopzilla. I'm 56 years old . This is very good stuff . a
Comment from : ZEP ZEP

Kyle Haze
you check the turn for a free card then bluff the river geez
Comment from : Kyle Haze

Mark Ingram
Cant tell if this vid is trolling or not...... or he's teaching people to play poorly to make poker great again, then this video totally makes sense....... and by the way guys if you bet that turn against good players you bet your ass youre getting check raised and river bombed by straights and bluffs.
Comment from : Mark Ingram

turned it off after 1:30, i dont need anyone reading points from a presentation in a video oO
Comment from : Variia

Bilbo Baggins
12:36 by my calculation it is 20.45% (9/44x100) and not 19.5%. What do I miss 🤔
Comment from : Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins
Do you seriously plug the "young white man privilege" in a poker video... my God... that's sad
Comment from : Bilbo Baggins

So i dont have much time and your videos are way to long so you are far from point to say it’s a short video
Comment from : D T

Melvin Clarke
whats gto
Comment from : Melvin Clarke

Trent Walker
So did they fold the turn after all that?
Comment from : Trent Walker

Joao Gouveia
foock ya much for losing my time though I saw this video in 2 minutes!
Comment from : Joao Gouveia

Joao Gouveia
you don't understand poker at all!!!... mathematics are idiotic!...and by the way, poker is EVIL!
Comment from : Joao Gouveia

Joao Gouveia
what a shut video!
Comment from : Joao Gouveia

Dean Albertson
The best way to make money in a casino: become an employee.
Comment from : Dean Albertson

1 Warlock
Alex has made me into a low-stakes beast. I had no idea how much I was leaving on the table using GTO-based strategies vs players who think GTO is a Pontiac.
Comment from : 1 Warlock

Gareth Davies
I remember when I won my 1st world series bracelet it come down to precision and people can say what they like but if your not steady with your hands then you've had it.

I always wear shades because it helps then I keep my hand movement as steady as i possibly can and i drop a quarter into the machine and i move the claw directly over the item i want.

Now this is where you got to not lose control and just spazz out, with steady hands press the red button and as it drops the claws you grip hold of your prize and drop it into the hatch..... Hey Presto just got me World Series Bracelet.

Went to Pawn stars shop to sell it and asked for $150,000 rick offered me $3. Now being a schrude businessman I seen this as an opportunity and took it. Always know when to cut and run.

Living the high life now playing free rolls.......

Take this lesson going forward God Speed

The Man.

Comment from : Gareth Davies

3:37 so you've made 18k in just 5500 games? This guy beasts low stakes.
Comment from : johnnyxenon

Tom K
I think you're flawed in your logic. Combo wise you shouldn't have many 7's in your preflop raising range. You're representing a straight on the turn. You have many more flush draws combos and a good player should see that. Also I think that it could be easy for sevens to check raise and check call to see river and let you barrel again with your missed flush draw . Since like you said, the flush doesn't come that often(less than 20 percent) so it's an easy check call/raise. If they check raise you, you are not going to get the right price to draw and now you're in a tough spot. If you think that you'd bet 110 percent pot with AA with the Ace of diamonds on the turn,seems like a bad play because you block the nut flush draw. So you're assuming that you're going to barrel the turn with all over pairs and sets? Probably not all over pairs. So you only have sets, maybe a turned two pair ? Not a lot of value. Plus you have AK of diamonds so you're opponent doesn't have any big draws because you block them. So at best your opponent could have a Q high flush draw and might not pay you on a big river bet. I don't know. It just seems a little too obvious what you're doing right there. On the surface it would work, but a thinking player should see through that. Also, by betting this much and often, people will hold on with weak holdings later. Which is good if you have value, but if you're bluffing too much you're going to stumble into a disaster.
Comment from : Tom K

Andrei Stoica
You are telling that is tourney like a "22$ online on a football sunday", but your opponent range does not contain hands like 87o, 67o, q7s? these hands are always in his range,, and making huge diff

So calm your tits with this exploitative poker

Comment from : Andrei Stoica

Thank you I learned something!!!

Comment from : Kevin

basket ball
floplizza is for cash game, im a tourney player, how does this help me?
Comment from : basket ball

Märten Aardevälja
A rather intense video, i would say this goes deeper into a topic imo. To be honest i would've checked this AK on the flop already and taken it slow. KEy moment for was alex saying "he is more afraid of the scare card than you"... i can understand what he is saying and i understand his arguments... but we're in MP and trying to rep overpairs or sets basically (or 77). Truly is purely exploitative paly and relies on the opponent not ranging you properly in order to know we're bluffing most of the times.
Comment from : Märten Aardevälja

Koen Wuite
We are gonna do 4 more of these, "end of video" xD. Definitely good stuff. I have never realised this: "If someone calls from BB on coordinated board they don't have a thing on the turn". I am definitely gonna apply this next session
Comment from : Koen Wuite

Troll Mctrollerson
Can you make your videos a bit shorter. I have a very small time frame for watching videos then its back to work at NASA I go
Comment from : Troll Mctrollerson

Chris Harsh
“I don’t work at NASA and neither do you. So it’s a good idea not to pretend that we do.”

The one guy watching this video who works at NASA:

“I work at NASA.”

Comment from : Chris Harsh

Michael Vanderpool
Great commercial for Flopzilla

Comment from : Michael Vanderpool

What % of 9 cards (in this case diamonds) comes on the river? You said 19.5 %. If your playing Poker Stars on line it's more like 40%. Their RCG (Random Card Generator) is always putting up flush boards. I played 5 sit and go's averaging 40 hands per table and counted and average of 14 flush boards some even had 2 or 3 4 card flush boards. For me the more I play Poker Stars on line the more I develop bad habits when playing live.
Comment from : stargazer7426

Caleb Azzopardi
Not going to lie, I hate how this guy talks, good information but he sounds so fucking arrogant

Just the truth.
From the land down under

Comment from : Caleb Azzopardi

Brilliantly explained 👍
Comment from : Vivendi

Interesting to see how powerful and needed an over bet is in certain spots. Also how profitable and thorough a resource Flopzilla is.
I watch the vids twice; once to get an overview of the topics and info then the 2nd time to further retain the knowledge and rethink my answers to the quiz questions. It also gives your boy @Gripsed a few extra views lol!

Comment from : DDoz42

Ben Shippin
“Imagine having to do this all on your own.” - when talking about looking at the remaining hands that the opponent could have. Well you can’t use this is real life, so you will have to do this on your own in live poker. I get that this helps you off the table, but you still need to learn how to go through the opponents hands in live poker eventually.
Comment from : Ben Shippin

Ben Shippin
Is memorizing all of the turn and river odds, adding up the pot in real time for live poker, and figuring out exact pot odds and implied odds during the hand considered exploitative poker? Isn’t doing what I just mentioned a higher level of skill than to just count combos? How can you beat someone who mathematically solves the pot/implied odds math in real-time at the table unless you’re also doing math to the furthest point?
Comment from : Ben Shippin

Filipe young
This Alexanders is a beast ! Your on my teams of mentors for sure !!!! Thanks gripsed blessing to you and the team!
Comment from : Filipe young

raymond cancel
I don"t even know what GTO is?
Comment from : raymond cancel

if I bet 200 to win 800 ( 600 + 200 ) on the turn I need him to fold 25% of the time, and I still have that 20% equity, which means that if he folds 5% of range on the turn I'm making a profit. 5%!!!!!!!!!
+ I think BB almost always x / raise a straight v that size and when he x / call on the turn his range will be so weak that u can easily bluff any river with a 50 / 60% pot size bet.
I think that overbetting is just a waste of money long term when you run into a straight, which is going to happen 1/5 roughly, and you can achieve the same result by betting small twice and investing fewer chips.

Comment from : Vzan23

jerry martin
Yes I need to think moor about what's going on in the hands. Then maybe exploring some hands. 👍🥊
Comment from : jerry martin

Randy Page
If you just get called by the BB on a coordinated board.. He most likely has nothing when the turn comes
Comment from : Randy Page

Mr Daddy Please Spank Me And
I’ve been saying this for years! Fuck Gto
Comment from : Mr Daddy Please Spank Me And

Adrian Chasco
If he perfectly randomize in rock paper and scissors, you actually dont have to randomize too it doesnt matter your stategy at all, always EV 0
Comment from : Adrian Chasco

Jason N
Great video. I’m conflicted because this is amazing information to use but I don’t want the population to know about this stuff.
Comment from : Jason N

Nikhil Autar
This is too powerful gripsed, I keep saying this hahaha
Comment from : Nikhil Autar

Terrific instructor and information. However, does the difference in me knowing the difference between 18% and 19.5% equity make any discernible impact on my immediate decision making? I totally appreciate the psychological importance of precision of mind but does 1.5% ever really change my decisions? How about 0.5%? Whats the cutoff point? In the heat of battle i've always rounded the odds of a flush draw with one card to come down to 'just under 20%', or conversely, '80% against'. Is this not accurate enough? In a game like poker, with luck playing a much much higher role than say a higher percentage skill sport like motor racing, where a number like 1.5% has a far more tangible and immediate resonance in terms of rightfully pulling the attention, is this truly the proximate cause for the difference between a Daniel Negraneu and say a 'journeyman' pokerstars pro?
Comment from : plentyofouts

David Hackenberger
i am loving the content guys. its working and I'm stacking
Comment from : David Hackenberger

why not do both? strictly betting half-pot or whatever with the nuts every-time or almost every time, for example, is simply terrible......Many times ive seen some of the worst players will even recognize this as a "sucker" bet and simply fold because of the sizing.
Comment from : 26bisket

Dennis Meara
This was helpful and I will be sure to watch all of these.
Comment from : Dennis Meara

wayne bingham
well its just putting it all together but do you think 120 percent pot bet will get called too
Comment from : wayne bingham

I dont agree with this video at all... Your range is not too much 7 combos as his defending range, you will never bet value hands on turn exept 7 and 79...if he got any of cards on flop he blocks suited 7 combos you can have, so he can easily determine you are probably bluffing... Ofc he will call you down with his 7x on river if diamond gets there, but its not as common to be profitable....Turn bet looks too bluffy to me, and i will prob call you down... But who am i to speak about poker :)
Comment from : Mtech

The Real Slim Shady
I would go bet flop then bet 70% on the turn and check back the river unless a diamond comes with the intention to check call a king or ace and fold when I bricks out

Is this ok I get betting 110% is going to work better but my line looks pretty balanced towards value as we’ll

Comment from : The Real Slim Shady

Cats Lie
I have to say, personally I put Alexander in the top 5 best instructors I've come across in my limited time learning. Only a few minutes in, he said something very curious. "Most software is built to help you part with your money." This is a very interesting statement. Can someone expand on this for me? Perhaps without calling out particular developers, is some software fare worse than others?

Appreciate ya.

Comment from : Cats Lie

Clifton Volatile
This is a GREAT video.
Comment from : Clifton Volatile

This is gold!! Great stuff. And works in so many spots it's ridiculous. Please delete this vid so my opponents don't see it. =)
Comment from : OG1KaNobi

Paul Thompson
Have not missed a 1
Comment from : Paul Thompson

What if he got a 7 ?
Comment from : L P

What a creep - this guy kind of reminds me of Schlitzie the Pinhead
Comment from : Frank

I love you guys
Comment from : Godvernment

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