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Excited to be doing some new live footage from bestbet Jacksonville!
Comment from : CrushlivePoker

wei eng
Comment from : wei eng

psychiatry is eugenics
Comment from : psychiatry is eugenics

Will Lowry
Hey Bart! I’m 19, live in Jacksonville and grind 2-2 and 2-5 at BestBet. I can say this game is very close / a little bit softer than how the 2-5 game usually plays. However, I mostly play 2-2 and the fields can be much softer then what you reviewed in this footage. It’s very odd how soft these bestbet games play even when comparing to south Florida games just 300 miles away. It’s actually the reason I dropped out of college this year to pursue nlh full time. Would love to see more of this content! Goodluck at the Bounty Scramble, hope to see you there!
Comment from : Will Lowry

Poker EndBoss
In my games i’ve seen 5-7 people limp in pre at 1$/2$ and the big blind makes it $5, it’s maddening.
Comment from : Poker EndBoss

Jay R
2/5 is most clearly, objectively, not low stakes. Even if they are playing like they are at .10/.25. I know you play higher stakes but don't think for second 2/5 is "low" stakes.
Comment from : Jay R

Daniel Shin
Thank you!! we would appreciate more of this!
Comment from : Daniel Shin

31:15 protect your cards. This dude almost cost his hand
Comment from : froobalation

Waiting list must be 2 days long for this game
Comment from : froobalation

BS sunglasses. Obscuring the face should not be allowed.
Comment from : Epic878787

jack stephens
In AQ5 hand, if you’re not check raising set of 5s, then what strong hands are you check raising to balance out combo draw check raises?
Comment from : jack stephens

steve hungerford
Love the analysis.
Comment from : steve hungerford

As a LLSNL, this was very basic stuff and I’m kind of disappointed. Most 2/5 games are much harder than this donkfest which is similar to the LATB streams. Floating with 98dd on a K73dxx board vs a cbet into 2 ppl would be kind of suicidal vs most of my 1/2 population. But probably okay at 2/5 villain dependent.
Comment from : N K

who is thumb downing this? why?
Comment from : acehole

Sweet thanks for sharing this with us YouTube plebs
Comment from : po1980

Christian Hill
I play on stream for their low stakes games and this is how a lot of them are.
Comment from : Christian Hill

Brian Townsend
Bart, this was a VERY special $2/5 game, for sure!
Comment from : Brian Townsend

Bruce M.
if betting pot with an overpair is "huge, huge" in a 4-way pot on a drawy board, how much should we bet there?
Comment from : Bruce M.

Bruce M.
it would be interesting to see where the "25x for suited connectors" number comes from....anyone know the logic behind that? that seems super high to me....i mean there are so many ways to win a hand, i just don't see why you'd have to be that deep
Comment from : Bruce M.

Slim Shady
These players are terrible, this is how it was in Vegas 10 years ago.
Comment from : Slim Shady

Gorilla Digits
These are my favorite videos! Bart, you do a great job. Thanks for giving your input!
Comment from : Gorilla Digits

Poker Maester
The 2/5 games at BestBet are really good because the players suck. I’ve played on the stream several times. Checkout this 10k pot I won on the stream in a 5/10 game. youtu.be/83zw9xWrUts
Comment from : Poker Maester

jason hounsell
I find it fascinating how bad people are which to me are big stakes - I play 50p - £1 and 50p-50p blinds in Scotland. The decent regs here are very keen on trying to balance. My friend and I who I discuss hands with crush the games, but the caliber is just so much better. You don’t have people betting off bottom pair for value on rivers (unless it’s actually a good bet) - you have people using blockers to bluff, checking aces multi-way on 578 sort of boards so they don’t get raised off and balanced etc
Comment from : jason hounsell

If I were one of those guys, I will not feel very good to see this.
Comment from : Milo

Kevin Chen
great vid! Bart!
Comment from : Kevin Chen

This looks like a 1-2. Here in Connecticut the 2-5 games are much tougher
Comment from : 100PurpleAvenue

Bart, you are 5 days older than me, I turn 40 on 10/21 😁
Comment from : SemiAutoOhio

Bruce M.
yay for live cash! thanks Bart
Comment from : Bruce M.

With all due respect, this is the weakest $2/5 game that I’ve seen in years. These guys need some CLP, Ed Miller help.
Comment from : WilliamWBG

Tyrone Tracy
Great stuff, especially the AQ5 analysis
Comment from : Tyrone Tracy

So, Bart asked if this is a typical 2/5 game in Florida. I'm curious too. Is it? Thanks :)
Comment from : TylerWx

Thanks Bart!
Comment from : WilliamWBG

Thanks Bart I enjoyed this. Been listening to you since 2005
Comment from : L B

Oh boy. I might be on future streams to hear how terrible I do. Ive played the bestbet stream multiple times. 2/5 deep, 5/10/25, no cap ect.
Comment from : HighRoller35

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