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Well made video
Comment from : Vendetta

Good video indeed.
Comment from : yay

ChrisP 1hundred
Great video
Comment from : ChrisP 1hundred

GameBoy Adventures
This actually helped my gaming strategy
Comment from : GameBoy Adventures

"There are three ways to play jacks, all of them wrong"
Comment from : cloud4an

put these tips into play online and i started winning
Comment from : ametalguitarist

I'll be the WSOP CHAMPION of 2020.
Comment from : MBJH17isbackonlyone

Clockwork Ape
Bullshit. If he had pocket JJ the result would have been the exact same. And JJ is a strong hand, don't tell me you'd fold it pre-flop.
Comment from : Clockwork Ape

Jamaica Guanzon
i have a question on the part where the player plays with his j4 .. if it was j10 what could he have done to still think about folding or his chances of winning against bluffs considering opposition bets.? thanks.
Comment from : Jamaica Guanzon

So in minute 18 he says that the player going all-in pre-flop is not likely to have pocket aces. In minute 20 a pro guy with pocket aces goes all in pre-flop.
Comment from : djorkaef

David Sherman
so I want to officially name pockets 6's~ six shooters
Comment from : David Sherman

Deep Roots
Wait, I thought outside straights hit more often than inside or gut shots
Comment from : Deep Roots

at 19:26: "and because he's moved all in, it doesn't look like he has aces or kings"
How come? As going all in a sign that you don't have a power hand, but something close?

Comment from : yankee6161

No Toxido
The hand discussed at around 11:00 could as well be a badly played JAs and still have lost the hand. It would (should) have been played differently, but top pair can always be beaten with an overpair or a lower 3oak... So isn't it more about losing without the nuts, or not calling the river without strong enough hand? Bets weren't exactly half pot, right?
Comment from : No Toxido

Papo Pepo
Joe Hash made a bad point. The same would of happen if the guy had J 10?
Comment from : Papo Pepo

Jordan Anderson
great video, millions have seen it and millions can play great poker.
Comment from : Jordan Anderson

Eric Whelch
Eric was here. love it
Comment from : Eric Whelch

Mike G
If I get Kx, should I bother playing that? I was recently getting that a lot during a tournament.
Comment from : Mike G

Arnon Tillmann
Nice show...
Comment from : Arnon Tillmann

Music School
Amazing video. Very well put together and entertaining!
Comment from : Music School

pocket 8's have always doomed me, never won with them
Comment from : Victthequick

George Kush
I learned nothing from this video
Comment from : George Kush

poker noobs: this video is super basic and presents things in a cartoonish way..i suggest that you noobs needs to understand the preflop mathematical odds of any given staring combo...learn those odds and memorize them...understand mathemeatical breakeven play before you progress into bluff strategies and metagame development
Comment from : MOR PHIUS

simo elktam
big thanks from morocco
Comment from : simo elktam

Luciano Marcuzzo
3x BB!?
Comment from : Luciano Marcuzzo

Lewis MacDougall
at 11:41 didn't boy wonder have two pair?
Comment from : Lewis MacDougall

11:02 I'm no poker expert, but isn't the problem with calling with weak hands the fact that you don't hit very often? The "expert" in the video is basically saying you shouldn't play weak hands because you're going to hit something but because you called with weak pre-flop hand you will be beat. In this particular hand J4 got very unlucky really, not often you lose to pocket Qs, As or Ks with the top pair on the board, and the way QQ played pre-flop could easily mean they had sth like AK, AQ or some suited connectors.
It just sounds like bullshit to me, mistake was made pre-flop, but from then on J4 played reasonable enough

Comment from : kreglfromworld

This video recommend folding KJ! Am I the only one who thinks that's crazy?
Comment from : CrustyJugglers

don gotti
We love you Daniel you will win the wsop i bet on you every year make me proud
Comment from : don gotti

chris ganoglou
Daniel Negreanu sound's like Edward Norton.
Comment from : chris ganoglou

Glenn Kverneland
Nice, thanks!
Comment from : Glenn Kverneland

Martin Thalmann
Liv Boree is so cute :)
Comment from : Martin Thalmann

Alex Sweeney
Vanessa Russo? From Big Brother?
Comment from : Alex Sweeney

Kris K
One of the best Poker learning videos I've seen.
Comment from : Kris K

Clifton Mccargo
Thanks for the video. I have enjoyed a lot and learned a few tips on starting hands. I also got a lot of use out of Leak Buster in Holdem to get better decision while playing.
Comment from : Clifton Mccargo

7ad mara
thats help
Comment from : 7ad mara

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