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Steve Harris
What are your odds of winning a pre flop all in if there are more than 2 people all in? Is it the same, I guess not??
Comment from : Steve Harris

Steve Harris
Comment from : Steve Harris

Calvin Seetin
Absolutely the most comprehensive 45 minutes of poker instruction I have seen since I started playing poker 20 years ago. Now I need to think of the best questions I can ask you. Keep it up! Cheers!
Comment from : Calvin Seetin

At 40:00, if calling $25 into a pot of $125 after the opponent raises, wouldn't that be $150/$25, giving you 6 to 1 pot odds?
Comment from : alp

Kunhee Cho
Thanks for the awesome content! This is one of the best videos I've seen on strategy breakdown.
Comment from : Kunhee Cho

Hold Your Breath
There is a problem with the Breakeven success rate formula. The problem is that half of the pot is already your money, so if you bet the pot you are risking 100 to win 50, the other 50 in the pot are from you, so that needs to be adjusted in the calculation.
Comment from : Hold Your Breath

Snamco SAX Music
Would you adapt the math for MTTs ? Especially in turbos, I think bluffing comes at a higher price since there is usually less room for bluffing without directly risking a 25-50% of your stack. So, how does the math change taking the importance of stack protection into account? Or at least, getting comfortable with being aggressive and losing many MTTs in cases of failed bluffs. Especially in the later states of the tournament, the progress you made becomes more valuable.
Comment from : Snamco SAX Music

Michiel BE.
Hey Evan I got a question. Is it true that the calculation of the BESR and Pot odds look the same but have different outcome? or am I doing it wrong?
I'll give you an example how I did this, the pot is 100 and we face a bet of 25

BERS: 25/(25+100) = 1/5 or 20%
Pot odds: (100+25)/25 = 5:1 or 16.66%

Comment from : Michiel BE.

Car Noises
What was mentioned about A10 suited vs. J10 suited?
Comment from : Car Noises

Gustavo Uribe
Best video had me pulling up my notepad and start taking notes lol
Comment from : Gustavo Uribe

So good and so simpel. Great video, very informative. Everebody can pick something good from it. Thanks
Comment from : J F

Best poker/Texas tutorial like this I have seen to far! Would be great to be your neighbor, man. Lol Cheers and seriously well put together video with easy math/conversions/sts etc TY!!👍🏻👏🏻
Comment from : BladeSC74

deacon sales
I fell asleep bro. Go Warriors!!
Comment from : deacon sales

Oscar Lindström
(34:38) How is it possible to have a 37.0% chance of improving a set with a pocket pair on the flop, when you only 7 outs? The rule of 4 and 2 would suggest that the chances of improving such a hand must be somewhere about 28% (7*4=28)???
Comment from : Oscar Lindström

LifeWhyz Music
Have a glass of water next time. The mouth sounds are a little cringe. (Thank God for Noise Gates)
Comment from : LifeWhyz Music

Gerald Arismendez
Information overload. Going to have to keep coming back to this video. Thank you!
Comment from : Gerald Arismendez

Geeky Lion
why can't players just realize it's the Random Number Generator. You can do all this stuff, and still not cash and all.
Comment from : Geeky Lion

Daniel Done it.
Very interesting video 👍🏻
Comment from : Daniel Done it.

Rudy Baldovino
Very good information thanks!
Comment from : Rudy Baldovino

Simply Human
Very good info.
Comment from : Simply Human

Fred Garvin
why is it easier to make a flush than straight? 35% vs 31%. shouldnt the better hand be harder to hit?
Comment from : Fred Garvin

amazing video thank you.
Comment from : MOCKINGBIRD

MC Alleycat
10:34 "When someone takes an aggressive action before the flop, they usually follow it up with an aggressive action before the flop." Wow, that sounds really dumb. Just one example of how you need to have an understanding of the triple threat concept before you watch this confusing video, in order to understand this confusing video. Another example is his use of the phrase "behind you" in that sentence at 7:53. I have no idea if this means after your turn, or before your turn, or "behind you" as in they have a worse hand than yours, or even something else. As well he says "real hand," which I think means a good hand, but I don't know for sure. Maybe someone could clarify for me, because I would like to know.
Comment from : MC Alleycat

I play freerolls and always lose in suckout or I play aggressive and lose half my chips in 2-3 hands as everyone just calls any damn raise. What can I do. If I play aggressive ...some idiot will call with 36o and hit a damn straight. How can I play small ball when ppl have nothing to lose and call anything and everything.
Comment from : Gomz

You are a great guy. Thank you for sharing, very helpful :)
Comment from : armynso

Jose Antonio Lozano Reyes
Thank you very much for making this information available for all of us who want to improve in poker. You rock!
Comment from : Jose Antonio Lozano Reyes

Pedro Alb
I've been investigating poker secrets online and found a fantastic resource at card crusher fixer (check it out on google)
Comment from : Pedro Alb

Graziano Laudisio
Thank you for sharing this important information. Even though I find it intimidating, I am now applying the dynamic duo: postion&agression. Indeed with big hands I am getting paid more often than previously.

P.s. I am also reading your chapter in the book Excelling at No-Limit Holdem by Jonathan Little. Great stuff!

Comment from : Graziano Laudisio

pene asteca
Comment from : pene asteca

Thanx 4 the video .
Comment from : MrPuros

stephen anderson
What order would it be best to study these in?
Comment from : stephen anderson

Comment from : comicmartusa

Simply Human
it seems that for the agressive strategy to work, the hero would have to always do same thing with same cards. Example, always go all in when you flop straight flush (SF) draw, no exception. If you did not go all in with SF draw some times and randomly win more small pots but other times went all in on SF draw then randomly lost some of those, doesn't that screw up your odds of winning long term. It seems you would have to win higher percentage of the small pots to balance the losses on big pots. Is this correct?
Comment from : Simply Human

Simply Human
it might be easier to learn if you standardized the stats so they can easily be compared for better analysis. For example: pot odds 3:1, odds to improve hand 4:1, odds of winning 9:1. it is confusing to hear 75 percent, then hear three out of four then see 75/25.
Comment from : Simply Human

Rick Jankowski
My question is a hand that I just had and not sure if I made the right call. Please help.
My hand A7 first flop is JJ3 I am the second to last better and l get a all in call so I fold. thinking she has a J, giving her, 3 of a kind to my JJ in the flop and an A in my hand. Last better calls .Well come to find out she was bluffing and an A shows up on the river. si I would of won. Did I make the right call of should I have went all in?

Comment from : Rick Jankowski

dustin tompkins
At 40:25 you say 5-1 is +16% equity then say 4-1 is 20% equity and 3-1 is 25% equity....I don't understand your math. 4-1 is 25%. 4/1=.25. See...I don't understand....
Comment from : dustin tompkins

Andrew Balazs
How long have you been using this strategy, and where could I go to find a place to practice calculating pot odds and equity?
Comment from : Andrew Balazs

x x
Comment from : x x

Neill Aarons
you mentioned that Pairs and High Cards ie A10 might make better hands one on one, but if 4 or 5 people are seeing the flops, you have better equity if you are on a draw. Also, you mentioned that Equity at the Beginning of the hand isnt the same as at the end of the 7 cards.... But how often are you betting the Turn and River with more than one or two other players? as you bet the Turn, arent you still weeding out weaker hands and, as such, creating a one-on-one or 3 way pot? and (sorry for the compound question,) since going for 3 of a kind or 2 pair is masked better, and if you have a draw and the draw comes in, you're likely to get paid Less when you get there...unless you've been double barreling like a semi bluff........Your thoughts?
Comment from : Neill Aarons

You have a lot of videos, and that's awesome, but just to be clear this vid is in many ways a summary of many of your other vids, correct?
Comment from : thelocustemperor

oskksjsj jsjsjsj
well that's a really good video mate
Comment from : oskksjsj jsjsjsj

Thanks for the lesson.
Comment from : samgaita

do you take in to consideration the rake when calculating pot odds?

Obviously in a home game with no rake If I'm getting the right odds to call it's a no brainer, but if the rake at the casino or online site bring me below the odds to required should I then fold? In other words when there is a rake should I be looking for slightly better odds than I would when there is no rake?

Comment from : 24magiccarrot

this potition digram is preflop yes? post flop sb bb are early right?
Comment from : AstralPower4

i did that today , had QA vs AA , the flop was somthing like Q 4 Q never seen that happen XD i was like what a sad way to lose whit AA
Comment from : Cold

Luke Delmonte
are you from Toronto boss? really would love to get mentored by you
Comment from : Luke Delmonte

Wow, thanks for the Video and very easy to understand why, when, how much! Now i have a "real reason" to call, fold or check. I am really happy and looking forward to train before next time i play.
Comment from : LLPorti

I suck in position. But I always destroy iout of position. I guess I´m backwards or being a LAG is better when out of position.
Comment from : DiorPaint

Chad K
thing about position... most pros understand that people play loose in late position and tighter in early position, therefore it seems that when raising from middle position and especially in early position, with a hand like 9-10s, it's given much more credit than a raise from late position. people just tend not to believe you when you're on the button. Just like how alot of people tend to assume the blinds have rags in tournaments.
Comment from : Chad K

Freddy McGaughey
If you dont like math you should skip poker.... lol
Comment from : Freddy McGaughey

I don't understand how like 4:1 represents 20% equity why doesn't it represent 25% equity? isnt the formula 1/4? and i don't understand how 3:1 represent 25% equity but not 33%... Could you maybe explain this to me ? :D
Comment from : Brynjar101

Maran Nebbeling
Pretty sick that AA vs KK has the same odds as KK vs 72.
Comment from : Maran Nebbeling

Let's say im in a 9-handed game, i get heads up in a pot and bluff my opponent out on the turn he holds AhQd and i have 8c5s. Flop was K69 one diamond and turn is 2 of diamonds. im struggeling with calculating his equity and therefore the net. gain cause i can hit 10 cards to win and he can hit 18 i think because you start with 52 cards -4flop - 2 burn - 18 hole cards(14mucked) so if there are 28 cards left before the river am i right for assuming his equity is 36% ?? or am i doing it wrong ?
Comment from : J B

Marius van Gent
Dear Gripsed or other people watching this video in 2016,

Aren't the odds in the table at 34:00 a bit too low?
When having 9 outs, the chance of hitting an out is 9/(52-5)+9/(52-6), which is 38,7%,
while on this table it says the chance provides you a chance of only 35,0%
The same thing applies to the other equities.
Please tell me if I'm wrong or made a mistake in my calculation.

Comment from : Marius van Gent

you really gotta pause less when your talking. you arent on TedTalks.
Comment from : dapperdavid89

Peter Z
I watch this video over and over and it made me a better player. Thanks evan you're awesome!
Comment from : Peter Z

Why does a straight flush draw have 15 outs? Wouldn't have either 4 or 8 depending on if its a gut shot draw or open ended?
Comment from : InternetCannonFodder

naihanchin Kempo
on the Math Pot odds devide your call into the pot drawing odds look up the rule of 4 and 2 which is Outs times 4 plus 1 0r 2 and 2 times outs times 1 or 2 9 outs X 2 =18+1 is 19% 4 outs X2=8 +1 9% they need to equil each other or be cheaper on the call
Comment from : naihanchin Kempo

This is awesome for a beginner like me. So much of the poker stuff assumes you know all these basic concepts, or is just way obvious.One thing I don't understand (probably shows my level)--if you have a flush draw with one card to come, why aren't the odds 1/4 or 25%? I assume its something to do with known dead cards, but I don't know why the other unknown dealt hands mean any given card is still one in four to be a given suit.
Comment from : CNCTEMATIC

Nice pace for beginners. Will look towards your other vids
Comment from : LOLHMMMZZZZ

Final Table Tony
Another great lesson well sequenced.
Comment from : Final Table Tony

Super nice video. I finally understood pot odds, i was fighting with that concept for weeks now...big thank
Comment from : Yann

Ryan  Terzich
Wow.I watched this video and practiced these fundamentals for a couple of weeks. did a like tourney and cashed it. subbed
Comment from : Ryan Terzich

Robert Quayle
Awesome video Evan. The more I watch, the more I realize that I've been a cross between a fish and a mouse LOL. Not for much longer though thanks to your videos.
Comment from : Robert Quayle

Don Scheib
Well done got a lot out of this
Comment from : Don Scheib

Yo Gripsed, was just cashed in an MTT and met a 3-year gripster :) Keep stackin!
Comment from : McGavel1

Michael Boatright
Problem is most good players play like this and when you get on a table with 3 or 4 of good players then you have to many cooks in the kitchen.
Comment from : Michael Boatright

This is great stuff and I can immediately feel it dramatically improving my game. Thanks a lot and gl!
Comment from : McGavel1

Buta Dan
Hi i am a begginer in poker for now,i only play with my friends ,and they are also begginers.The 2 problems i get and i don't know how to solve it is almost all the time they call the blind if nobody raise it pre flop,they rarely fold,the second one is that each time i want to raise to make them fold they still call even when they have J 4 off and sometimes we reach the showdown and they have the stronger hand..... So what i'm trying to say is how much should i raise if my stack size is around 500 and the bb is 10? or how i should approch the situation?
Comment from : Buta Dan

Dimitris Kontoleon
Ok i just have a Question. Flush and straight draw vs hi set. is litle down.

E.G AA VS JQ and flop A 10 9 with FLUSH draw you still have 42,12 % change of win. or 40,61 if the ace have the some flush with other 2

So what is mathimatical the max pot odd call with this hand( all in on frop by aces)

Even if have hand like 22 vs JQ with 2 10 9 down is steal 58-42 favore from set... 
But i need the mathimatical correct pot odds if all in set on flop

If i am not so wrong even if he bet DOUBLE the pot you have a profit call.
1+2=3 pot down. you risk 2 pot, so is 3/5 pot= 40%. = at least to call...

with excel i see that (if i am no wrong) that 2,16 pot pet is good in any case (40,60%) and 2,67 pot(42,11%) if opponent Does not have double flush draw.


Comment from : Dimitris Kontoleon

Larry Brinkley
Evan, quick question...might seem elementary. If player bets, and I call, isn't he or she required to show me their cards? Am I required to show them mine, if they show and have me beat? Please and thanks in advance. 
Comment from : Larry Brinkley

Larry Brinkley
Thanks, looking forward to using these strategies
Comment from : Larry Brinkley

Hi Evan. Thanks for all your videos, think they are great. Just a quick question. Early on in the video you said that a player will miss the flop 50% of the time yet when you do the odds of flopping something (around 31 mins) you say there is a 33% chance of flopping a pair? Is the other 17% a person flopping draws?
Comment from : brookie73

How do you use pot odds for calling on the flop when you are going to face more betting on the turn and different pot odds there?
(Is pot odds on the flop meaningless?)

Comment from : joewildcat100

This whole aggressive play thing, wouldn't you need a somewhat big stack to do this? Or can a short stack still apply this type of pressure?
Comment from : Vey

Andrew Helmick
you know what would be awesome, if you made these powerpoints available for download! or any of your material for that fact.
Comment from : Andrew Helmick

Jaimen Perez
Can someone please tell me when the Gripsed chats are on the twitchtv channel? Thanks.
Comment from : Jaimen Perez

Hugh Jainus
30:45 - I think that Straight Draw doesn't necessarily has to have 8 outs, it's pretty common sense that you can have a straight draw with a 1 card gap OR when your straight is lowest or highest. For example you have A3, the board is 24J, you have 4 outs and that are 5 of each suit. There are only 8 outs of you have an open straight draw such as 89TJ, where the outs are Q of each suit and 7 of each suit, 2 cards times 4 suits = 8 outs. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
Comment from : Hugh Jainus

fuck that A4
that's the hand that always kills my JJ/QQ/KK

Comment from : Ohrami

Hey Evan, how are you.. I have a Q; Stapes mentioned 'tilt equity' yesterday on stream, did you ever hear of that, or is it something he made up? TC.
Comment from : Ro

Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
The best Gripsed video you will ever watch: The Triple Threat.

Core concepts: Understanding Position, Understand Odds and Equity for all situations, The Mathematics behind Aggression and why it works! buff.ly/1sqc4qy

Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

Is there any tool i can use to practice calculating equity and pot odds.  There isnt time to calculate this stuff while playing in a game.  you have ten seconds to look at your position, your information the opponents give you, your equity, and your pot odds before your automatically folded.  I just dont know how someone can calculate all this stuff in the middle of play without knowing it backwards and forwards from the start.  
Comment from : WeDemBoyz2015

Alan Watts
Thanks for putting out the content what do you think about the youtube video's showing fulltilt and poker stars being rigged, is it jaded players or is it a concern? I'm seeing so many flush and straight beats I'm starting to wonder....
Comment from : Alan Watts

Priceless !
Comment from : lama11aa

marvin tan
watched this video and i notice you are more FUN now than 2 years ago. Very nice triple threat but I felt like I was listening to my high school professor LOL.
Comment from : marvin tan

Hasj Bergen
Very good video Evan. Thanks for the information, it will help me definately
Comment from : Hasj Bergen

This is such an important video for everybody who truly wants to understand what this game is really all about. Need to work on paying more attention to my position, though I have the feeling that i'm already doing that pretty well intuitively. Got that aggression and selection thing checked for the most part, too. Evan, I love your videos! Such a great job you do and you've already helped me a lot. Thanks for that.
Comment from : NikVeda

lol omg i dont know which vid it was but you said blast off about some fish, i will be saying that from now on
Comment from : tipsy09

hey gripsed quit teaching the fish how to lose the minimum, i liked it more when they stacked off with KJ top pair
Comment from : TheSteveoizzle

Michel Charbonnier
Hey Evan, I have question for you: I'm right now kinda "practicing" on play money NLHE tables, and there are a lot of annoying donkeys shovin All-In with basically any given 2 cards in any hand. I use to buy in around 200 BB. So what is the best way to play against such players in the future? I know I have to be more paitent in waiting on good cards to call their shoves, but what kind of cards should I play here? Should I call with, lets say, 22 or A4 off? or JT?
Comment from : Michel Charbonnier

best trio of poker hahaha super hero trio
Comment from : iulian

started with 200 dollars played breakeven poker for about 6 months +/- 50 bucks and since i started watching and applying these concepts i have turned my bankroll into 4200 with a couple nice scores in tournies and 25nl cash games
Comment from : DaWadez

Colm Rooney
been losing money for hours then started remembering to think about position and been winning alot more.
Comment from : Colm Rooney

Just discovered this video and your channel. This is pretty much all the information I have been looking for, in particular Equity, Pot Odds, and Implied Odds are the biggest ones I didn't fully grasp till now. Thanks a whole heap for this video, I will surely check more out.
Comment from : Jezmund90

Jose A
Your videos are awesome. I belong to a very well known paid site and I find myself watching your videos instead of the ones I have paid for. Great Job and thanks for all the great info.
Comment from : Jose A

Olly P
Simply one of the best video's, on any subject of poker, I've seen. 
Comment from : Olly P

Jeremy Falk
Gripsed...Thanks for the videos. I'm wondering if you should always be aggressive...other videos you have said to play differently than other players...so if everyone is playing aggressive...do you play passive and wait for good cards or just keep your same game?
Comment from : Jeremy Falk

Luke Wise
u are amazing
Comment from : Luke Wise

lover your videos! thanks alot bro and keep it up! :))
Comment from : WastedAllin

Someone please explain me the concept of aggression on 10:33.
Comment from : catrino

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